Autor Rastislav Kralik


Rastislav Kralik



Rastislav Kralik attended the Secondary School of Glass art in Prievidza and later the Secondary School of Aplied Arts of Glass in Lednicke Rovne, later High School Dubnica Technological Institute Ltd. Since than he has been an independent glass artist. 
His formation as a sculptor is clearly discernible in his works in glass, which he has often used in combination with other materials such as metal, stone, gold, bronze. Although he occasionally works as a interier designer, Kralik is primarily and painter a sculptor using either blown or cast glass. 
Rastislav Kralik sculptures are created using a mold melting technology a sand casting technique similar to the one used by the Egyptians 2000 years ago. The sculptures bridge the disparate art glass traditions and influences to create a unique form of expression.


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